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Therapeutic Yoga
Applications, Modifications & Contraindications
Course Description

Yoga is a vast system of Integrated Exercise with potential for both positive and negative outcomes; some people benefit greatly while others are susceptible to injury. Whether helping someone return to a public yoga class or using yoga as a rehab tool in your facility, you can assist your patient in recognizing what specific types of poses to target and which to avoid or modify. In this course you will learn to identify movement or postural patterns, both in your patients and in many common yoga poses that will guide you in your recommendations. Differentiated poses are generally both safer and more beneficial than Global poses; you will learn to recognize the distinction with any pose or exercise and have solid rationale for your subsequent suggestions. Emerging rehab principles of Regional Interdependence and Specific Motor Control Exercise (SMCE) are presented and reconciled with common yoga themes. In class you will observe, analyze and try out several poses, but you don't need to be a pretzel to participate; there are always modifications! Topics covered:

  • Neck & shoulder joint protection
  • Scapular stabilization
  • Thoracic mobilization/strengthening
  • Low back pain
  • Pelvic balancing
  • Knee alignment
  • Foot pronation control
(CEUs) & State Approvals

This course is recognized by the Washington PT/OT Licensing Boards as approved for 8 hours/CEUs as it has been approved by other state boards & associations. Please call if you have any questions. Certificates of attendance with the number of contact hours will be given to each participant at the completion of the course.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define Global & Differentiated movement/postural relationships giving five examples of each in daily life and in common yoga poses.
  • List three common hip/pelvic/lumbar biases and recommend appropriate yoga pose modifications that encourages lumbar stabilization and hip mobility/balance.
  • Explain why yoga poses featuring global spinal relationships are Contra-Indicated for many common types of low back and neck pain.
  • Demonstrate five yoga poses that encourage thoracic mobility and strength while simultaneously protecting/stabilizing both neck and low back.
  • List two examples each of poses/positions that cue: gleno-humeral/scapular integration and optimization; tripod foot balance; knee over foot alignment; gleno-humeral/forearm rotational differentiation.
  • Explain the rationale for adding Reciprocating Movement and Dynamic Integration elements to common yoga poses.
  • Demonstrate "easy" modifications for all yoga poses presented in course in order to encourage success for all age groups and physical abilities.
About the Instructor, Gordon Browne PT, GCFP
Gordon Browne is a Physical Therapist with 25+ years of clinical experience in outpatient orthopedics and manual therapy. With a lifelong passion for movement, he has modified and medically articulated the clinical use of various integrated movement systems; the Feldenkrais Method®, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Lecturer for 15+ years and author of two books; "A Manual Therapist's Guide to Movement" and "Outsmarting Low Back Pain".
Course Outline
Lab sessions involve movement observation, participation and analysis as well as discussion of clinical relevance, modifications and manual/verbal cueing.
7:45-8:00–Registration & Snacks

8:00-8:30–Introduction to Integrated Movement Principles
  • Exercise Paradigms: Isolate or Integrate?
  • Types of Integrated Movement/Exercise: Static & Dynamic
  • Principles of Optimal Movement/Posture
8:30-10:00–Lab I: Pelvic Balancing–Addressing Lumbar & Hip Issues
  • Differentiated Poses: Hip Mobility & Lumbar Stability
  • Recognizing the Habitual & Teaching the Non-Habitual
  • Movement Reciprocity to Facilitate L/R Pelvic Balance
10:00-10:15–Morning Break

10:15-11:30–Lab II: Thoracic Work–Assisting & Balancing the Neck
  • Applying Constraints: Funneling Movement & Effort Where We Want It
  • Integrating Arm & Head Movement with the Mid Back & Chest
  • Rib Cage as Slinky: Encouraging Multi-Directional Thoracic Movement
11:30-12:15–Lab III: Lower Extremity Alignment–Creating a Solid Foundation
  • Encouraging the Tripod Foot: Forefoot/Rear-foot Differentiations
  • Controlling Knee Valgus & Varus: Organizing Knee Over Foot
  • Facilitating Balance: Peroneus Longus/Posterior Tibialis Competence
12:15-1:15–Lunch On Your Own

1:15-3:15–Lab IV: Pelvic & Thoracic Rotation
  • Improving Pelvic Rotational ROM, Control & Balance L/R
  • Improving Thoracic Rotational & Side Bending Mobility, Integration & Balance
  • Stabilizing Lumbar & Cervical Regions: Re-Directing Movement Elsewhere
3:15-3:30–Afternoon Break

3:30-5:15–Lab V: Shoulder Girdle Stabilization–Anchoring the Arm to the Back
  • Dynamic vs. Static Scapular Stabilization
  • Grand Coalition of the Arm: Shoulder ER & Scapular Posterior Tilt
  • Closed & Open Chain Facilitations
  • Gleno-Humeral Dynamics
5:15-5:30–Wrap up
  • Review & Reinforcement of Course Objectives
  • Questions & Answers

Best class I have taken in years!!!

Loved this course! Energetic & knowledgeable presenter.

Excellent instructor, knowledgeable & great teaching material. Thank you for making the material relevant & understandable!

You have possibly changed the course and comfort of my foot function...Thank you!

Great class, loved the use of yoga poses & movement to correct movement patterns.

Lots of practice time, very good demonstration & detailed teaching.

Loved the new perspective & active education

Great application to PT practice not only yoga poses.

Wonderful progression of movement, enjoyed Gordon's sense of humor and expertise.

I liked how you showed us the physical dysfunction and taught us what exercises would be most beneficial.

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