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This was a great course packed with lots of information. I am looking forward to applying the information in the clinic.

Very good presentation! More therapist�s should have this knowledge as we have become too comfortable with mundane therapeutic exercise approaches. Please continue to have this course and other variations of integrated movements to spread the message.

I really enjoyed this course- made me think and look at movement differently. A good �hands-on� application of various movement strategies.

Knowledgeable instructor, content was presented in a fun and interactive manner.

Presenter�s teaching style was very hands-on, enabling me to better retain this knowledge and gave me interest in learning more on the subject.

I really enjoyed the class and learned so much! I can�t wait to try these techniques with my patients.

Great for immediate clinical application. Best way to learn this is to do it-great teaching-loved the hands-on approach.

It�s a great lab course.

Appreciated the practical implications and direct carryover to specificity of training and function. Very refreshing whole body integration.

Very high quality course!

Great course, great instructor. I want more!

Excellent application of functional approaches/uses of specific exercise technique.

Very interesting topic-helpful and innovative ideas to enhance therapy sessions and achieve goals.

The course was very informative and material able to be applied in many settings. Instructor was very dynamic and knowledgeable.

The instructor was knowledgeable, attentive to questions and comments. He was also interesting and was able to hold our attention at all times.

The instructor is fun!

The manual will be helpful, good pictures and easy to read compared to other courses I have been to.

Excellent presentation.

Really facilitated thought and how to apply to clinical setting. Reminded me of the importance of integrated movements in all stages of rehab.

Very informative, useful material presented and pleasant, relaxed instructor. I will definitely use techniques I learned.
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